Certified Labor Laws & IR Professional

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop a clear understanding of contemporary industrial relations principles and techniques as practiced in organizations.
  2. To develop skills in specific IR functions with special focus on implications, complications and application of Labor Laws, Negotiation Skills, Resolution of Disputes through Bilateral Negotiations, Conciliation, Arbitration and Maintenance of Discipline at Workplace.
  3. To develop and understand current issues in Labor Legislation and Industrial Relation Policies
  4.  To bridge the gap between the Academia and the Industry to enable the later to meet the challenges of Development, Placement and Employment

Course Contents

Module 1: Overview: Introduction Class, Historical Context of International Labour Movement, International Labour Standards / ILO /EPR, Overview of Labour Polices & Labour Legislation in Pakistan

Module 2: Employment Legislation Terms & Conditions: Industrial & Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance 1968, WP Shops & Establishment Ordinance 1969, Factories Act 1934

Module 3: Employment Legislation: Industrial Relation: Industrial Relations Act 2010, IRA 2010

Module 4: Employment Legislation: Wages & Benefits: Minimum Wages Ordinance 1961, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Employees’ Cost of Living (Relief) Act 1973, Companies Profits (Worker’s Participation) Act 1968 / WP Maternity Benefit Ordinance 1958

Module 5: Industrial Relations: Constitutional Protections: Fundamental Rights, Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace

Module 6: Welfare Labour Laws: Employer’s Contribution: Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance 1965, Employee’s Old-Age Benefits Act 1976, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, Worker’s Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971 / Worker’s Children (Education) Ordinance 1972

Module 7: Miscellaneous Laws: Apprenticeship Ordinance 1962 / Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance 1981

Module 8:  Other Important Issues: Conduct a Disciplinary & Domestic Enquiry, Hours of Work & Wages, Line between Workers and Management/ staff employees, Contract Management / SA- 8000 / Factory Act, Standing Order

Duration: 3 Months

Valuable For

Corporate Heads, HR & IR Managers/ Executives , Government Officials , Advocates, Armed Forces & NGO’s Personnel, Consultants & Students etc

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