Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP)


PIQC brings to you a one-of-kind technical course on Organizational Security Management. This 4-months professional diploma course provides a comprehensive foundation and builds the knowledge and competence of participants in the field of organizational approaches, techniques, tools & equipment and roles of security officers in the context of organizations. The course has been developed and delivered by a team of top class experienced security professionals in emerging security challenges faced by organizations in the country. The scope of this course covers all essential topics in security management with hands-on practices and observations of good security practices with broad based threats and risks commonly found in organizations.


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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this professional diploma, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify security risks of their organizations
  • Develop and analyze their organizations’ application portfolio of requirements ‘road-maps’
  • Procure and install relevant security equipment, tools and gadgets
  • To implement and take better measures for security of their organizations

Course Contents

The course covers 15 Modules as follows:

     Module 1:  Fundamentals of Security Management
     Module 2:  Industrial Security against Terrorism
     Module 3:  Security Approaches
     Module 4:  Counter Measures to deal with strategies by anti-social elements
     Module 5:  Information Security & ISO 27001
     Module 6:  Threats, Risks and Impact Assessment
     Module 7:  Installation of Physical Security Techniques
     Module 8:  Physical Security: Concepts and Technologies
     Module 9:  Security of Personnel
   Module 10:  Application of Counter Measures & Use of Electronic Equipment
   Module 11:  Security Management Communication
   Module 12:  Security System Documentation
   Module 13:  Security & Safety against Fire
   Module 14:  Field Visits
   Module 15:  Exams and Project Presentations

Objectives and scope

The aim of this course is to provide all the fundamental knowledge, observations and hands-on good practices of
effective security management techniques. The scope is limited to corporate sector and organizational security

Useful for

1. Security officers in the corporate sector
2. Admin officers
3. Top management for general awareness to security measures
4. Security management consultants and auditors

Teaching Strategies

This is a professional course and will involve a number of higher level teaching methodologies. The course is spread
over four months to allow inter-session study. In this respect participants will have to carry out timely study,
investigations and field study assignments to grip the subject. Discussions in the class are focused on the key points,
critical thinking, field observations, experience sharing of fellow professionals and build professional maturity.

Final Project

The participants will be required to work on real life security management gap analysis of their organizations followed by providing effective solutions and road-maps. The projects will be of practical nature and should b completed within the stipulated time frames. A project report will be submitted in accordance with the laid down criteria format and coverage.

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