Improving the Quality of Teacher Training – A Case Study

Abida Mahmood

Year:    2004
Category:   Education Quality
Source:   EQ 2004 – Pakistan 3rd National Conference on Quality Assurance in Education, Islamabad
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Author’ Introduction:   

Mrs Abida Mahmood has recently returned to Pakistan after 12 years of teaching English and training teachers in the UK. She holds a BSc degree (Chemistry and Biology) with a roll of honor from Queen Mary College. Her passion for literature led her to do MA in English Literature from Punjab University. Then she went to England and acquired her teaching degree from London while teaching English Literature to GCSE and A level students. She was also involved in teacher training. She enriched her teaching experiences by taking up higher posts and left England in 2001 after resigning from a college in London. She is actively involved in educational seminars and conferences in and out of England.
She returned to Pakistan with the aim of making a difference in the field of education in Pakistan and as soon as she joined her father’s educational trust voluntarily, she has set up a formalized teachers’ training program that has proved to very effective. She intends to start her Ph.D in teacher training from the University of London. She feels that her dream to transform the thinking of the youngsters of today (so that they take pride in their own culture and religion) is achievable if the teachers of today have the capability and enthusiasm to teach the right things.


The paper discusses the positive effects of teacher training in our institution that we would like to share with others:

  • Introduction
  • Qurban school and college-laying emphasis on teacher training
  • Our vision about education
  • Practical implementation of Teacher Training programme
  • Evaluating teachers training
  • Sharing good practice
  • Conclusions & Recommendations

Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust aims at providing the best quality education at the lowest possible cost. It is a self supporting non profit making trust situated on Walton Road, Lahore Cantt and caters for the needs of the local locality. People of Walton area belong to lower middle or lower income class. The average income of a family in Walton is Rs 3000 per month.

Qurban Girls School was established in 1980 to educate the girls of this area. There was no girls school in this area for miles and Qurban School gave them something to build their life on.

At present the institution has about 4000 pupils and staff of 210. The average fee is Rs 375 per month. In this trust all orphan and needy pupils not only get free education but are provided with books and uniform as well. Scholarship system is set up which is given to students who achieves exceptional results.

Since its establishment the Matric results have been 100% and for the last many years they have been exceptional (100% students getting A & A*).

Our teacher training sessions have proved to be very effective for our teachers as teachers play a major role in transforming the lives of the students, hence the community. It has been made compulsory for all our teachers and is being offered to all teachers of other schools free of cost.

We are very proud to say that today our students are serving the community as doctors, engineers, lawyers and most of all good mothers who are playing their part in building this nation.

We aim to share and spread our vision of success with everyone for a better future.


  • An effective teachers training program to be introduced and made compulsory as the future of our generation lies in trained hands.
  • Incentives (performance related pay) to be introduced so that teachers take interest in learning
  • All schools to follow the same curriculum, teachers to teach certain skills irrespective of the books or medium taught
  • Teacher appraisal program to be introduced
  • Government schools to come up to the same standards as private schools, Principals or administrators employed from the private sector (OFSTED failed schools were transformed by the government by sending in competent head teachers). There are many educated (retired) people who are eve n willing to work voluntarily if given the chance. They can motivate and encourage the staff to learn, who in turn can motivate the students.

Recommendations for improving the quality of the schools:

  • All schools to display their Matric/ O’level results
  • Government printing league tables (of the results) which will help parents to compare schools nationally
  • Emphasis on education and not qualification