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PIQC has been running weekend based MS/MPhil and Master degree programs jointly with Superior Group Of Colleges in Lahore and Hamdard University in Karachi in the fields of Quality Management,...


Our professional diploma programs  provide educational foundations for the posts of Quality Managers/Auditors, EHS Managers, HR Managers and Supply Chain Managers, etc.  They are weekend or evening based programs


Students and professionals pursuing their educational goals with high class courses can specialize themselves with special International certification courses and credentialling are provided by PIQC with the collaboration of


PIQC  executive courses are delivered by top-class experts and professionals providing stat-of-the art knowledge and experience. These courses are also offered  in-house.


PIQC is a modern educational institution with close links with industries by supporting its educational programs with the implementation of TQM, ISO 9001, TPM, 5S & Kaizen, ISO 17025, ISO


PIQC educational activities include promoting Quality Cultlure in the country.  It has the honor to host annual/ biannual international conventions on Quality Improvement called ICQI since 1995. It has become

Certified Labor Laws and IR Management Professional (CLLP)
Starting From Nov 29, 2015, Lahore

Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP)
Starting From November 11 ,2015, Karachi

Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification ( WEEKEND PROGRAM )
Starting From November 01, 2015, Karachi

Certified Healthcare Quality Professional (CHQP)
Starting From December 11,2015, Karachi

Certified Labor Laws and IR Management Professional (CLLP)
Starting From November 12,2015, Karachi

Six Sigma Green Belt
Starting From November 02-06,2015, Karachi

Certified Health, Safety and Environment Professional (CHSEP)
Starting From December 21,2015, Karachi

Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)
Starting From December 21,2015, Karachi

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Auditor Transition (IRCA Regd. A17924 & A17925)
Dec 09-10, 2015, Lahore

Certified Quality Professional - CQP
From November 11,2015, Karachi

Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCP)
Starting From Dec 5, 2015, Lahore

MPhil In Management Science ( Quality Management ) Specialization in:Industrial Management,Human Resource Management ,Health and Safety Environment Management and Educational Management.
Immediately enroll for admission ., Karachi

Certified Software Quality Professional (CSQP)
Starting From December 24 ,2015, Karachi

Six Sigma Black Belt
Dec 14-18, 2015, Lahore

Certified Environment Health and Safety Professional (CEHSP)
Starting From Nov 29, 2015, Lahore

ISO 9001:2015 QMS AUDITOR / LEAD AUDITOR (IRCA-UK Regd. # A18021)
Starting from 14-18,2015, Karachi

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Auditor Transition (IRCA Regd. A17924 & A17925)
Starting from 11-12 December,2015, Karachi

Leadership and Quality Control Skills for Supervisors
Dec 08, 2015, Lahore

International Certification Course  

Professional Diploma Programs 

Professional Diploma Programs 


Working in in KSB pumps Company Limited, as Assistant Manager QHSE my aim is to monitor and improve the implementation of Quality management system through quality system auditing. It was an immense pleasure for me to take part in ISO 9001 QMS Lead Auditor Course offered at PIQC, which is a renowned institution in Pakistan. The training was truly up to mark, exceptionally good for me to learn and enhance my knowledge skills in field of quality management and auditing. No doubt PIQC is equipped with competent staff & committed to improved quality in their practical nature of training

Muhammad Waseem Irshad Assistant Manager QHSE KSB Pumps Company Limited Pakistan

PIQC is a worthwhile place for quality education especially for research based studies where the main emphasis is to impart knowledge with research orientation. MS program is well structured Faculty and academic staff are accessible, always willing to help with all manner to resolve problems for both academic and administrative issues. The teaching staff took serious pains to make the learning a very nourishing. I found that you get out here what you put in.

Sheikh Ahtsham Ahmed Assistant Vice President Branch Manager NBP Islamic Banking Branch
Great learning experience indeed. Knowledge blended with practice is at the core of PIQC Institute of Quality. I have felt the difference in my approach towards problem solving and technical expertise after being taught at this prestigious institute
Attique ur Rehman Assistant Professor
PIQC has been providing consulting and advisory Services to Ufone in Six Sigma training and its implementation for nearly two years. It has improved and strengthened our capability in handling complex tasks through data analysis and subsequent decision making. Six Sigma has now become a part of our organizational quality culture, with remarkable improvements in process quality and overall effectiveness. Thanks to PIQC for their support all the way.
BaddarMuneer, PMP Head QA & QC, Ufone Technical (Engineering) Department

Being a Medical Doctor &Consultant in Reproductive Health, my aim now is to assure quality in Healthcare. Durinig my MCPS OB/GYNAE Training at Lahore when I found about PIQC - an institution which conducted training in Quality Assurance in Healthcare. The experience was nothing short of amazing. Since then, I have attended various courses in PIQC like Lead Auditor 9001:2008. I am also now enrolled in their MPhil / MS Quality Management degree program. It is sheer privilege to do the certified courses with the entire team of PIQC who respect you like a member of their own.


PIQC is considered to be one of the best Quality Management Institution in Pakistan. I have been fortunate enough to work with PIQC experts for QMS implementation in Ufone Customer Operations. I would like to express my gratitude for helping us throughout. From start till end it has been a great learning experience. The entire program was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. We also received incredible support in attaining ISO Certification, learned different tools and models for Quality evaluations & improvement techniques which have resulted into a successful implementation of QMS. The Journey with PIQC has been worthwhile.

AmmaraTasnim Manager Internal Audits, CPI, Internal Communication & Budgets Customer Operations- Ufone
We are immensely satisfied with Six Sigma Trainings and thereafter implementation assistance provided by PIQC to MLCF middle management / engineers at Plantsite. Their indepth practical involvement, mentoring and continuous support in Six Sigma projects are really appreciable which, of course, helped us in achieving our Quality Objectives to become a World Class Company.
Amir Feroze General Manager Works Maple Leaf Cement Factory Mianwali

MS / MPhil Top Achievers  

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