National Quality Policy for Economic Development

Abdul Rashid

Year:    2002
Category:   General Quality
Source:   ICQI 2002 – Pakistan 7th International Convention on Quality Improvement, Karachi
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Author’ Introduction:   

Abdul Rashid, Director General, Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He worked for 30 years with both public and private sector organizations, foreign government and international agencies in areas of manufacturing, construction, policy making, coordination and promotion of technological development. For the past 14 years he is working at senior positions in the MoST and had been responsible for the formulation of National Technology Policy and implementation of its Plan, establishment of Venture Capital Companies to attract investment in new technology, establishment of Pakistan Technology Board (PTB) to suggest measures for the development and transfer of technology, creation of Technology Development Fund to sponsor risky technologies, establishment of Industrial Cluster Councils to assist SME’s in improving quality and productivity. Because of his efforts, the MoST had been able to establish PNAC, Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) & PTB. He was instrumental in promotion of ISO 9000/14000 certifications through awareness raising, manpower training and incentive package which contributed significantly towards improvement in the quality of goods and services necessary for export. He represented MoST on a number of Committees and important national and international forums. He prepared papers and reports on different subjects including energy, industry, environment, MSTQ, restructuring of R & D organizations, investment and transfer of technologies. Presently he is responsible to operationalize PNAC and formulate National Quality Policy & Plan.