Outcome Based Education & QA in Educational Institutions

PIQC has the experiences of providing services to many universities and colleges in setting up Quality Assurance/ OBE programs; e.g. NED University of Engineering & Technology, Institute of Space Sciences, Dow Medical University, SPS Schools and Colleges, etc and training/ counseling to large number of faculty members of different schools, colleges and universities.


Education is growing very fast in Pakistan at every level, may that be primary, secondary or tertiary levels. At the same time, we are facing a serious crisis of losing its Quality. Starting from the state’s education policy, accreditation bodies and institutions’ internal administrative functions, Quality Assurance generally found to be unorganized, unplanned and grossly neglected at all levels. Quality of education cannot be judged simply from the grades that an institution declares on its transcripts; rather it pertains to the overall abilities of the graduates or their learning outcome, as well as their personality development which includes the ethical, moral, religious and national values. The average grades provided by the schools, Boards of Secondary and Intermediate Educations, and Universities are constantly on the rise; while the learning outcomes and personality traits of the society is gradually on the decline. Most institutions recognize this issue but do not understand or implement how to control them through an organized Quality Assurance programs.

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Course Contents

  1. Washington Accord Requirements
  2. HEC Requirements
  3. Learning Models (Bloom’s Taxonomy, Solo Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick Model)
  4. Academic Performance Indicators (KPis)
  5. Ethical Issues in Education
  6. Quality Issues of Teachers and Teaching Methods
  7. Quality Issues of Curriculum Development
  8. Quality Issues of Exams and Evaluations
  9. Quality Issues of Research in Higher Education
  10. Quality Issues of Student Services
  11. Quality Assurance / Management Frameworks and Models
  12. Discussions, Good Practices and local cases

Duration:  5 Days
Venue:  Lahore / Islamabad

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