Promoting Quality and Productivity at National Level in Sri Lanka

Sunil G. Wijesinha

Year:    2004
Category:   WTO
Source:   ICQI 2004 – Pakistan 8th International Convention on Quality Improvement, Lahore
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Author’ Introduction:   

Mr. Wijesinha is a leading expert in Sri Lanka. He has helped many of the pioneering 5S companies who went on to win 5S awards. He has also helped to introduce the 5S competition in Tamil Nadu and is very often invited to Chennai as a keynote speaker for 5S connected events. The Confederation of Indian Industry invited Mr. Wijesinha last year to conduct 5S seminars in Cochin and Coimbatore, and they were highly rated by the participants. The Asian Productivity Organization of which Mr. Wijesinha is Sri Lanka’s only national productivity award winner used his services to conduct 5S and Kaizen lectures in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Sri Lanka commenced a national productivity programme with a national productivity year, a productivity decade and a national  productivity policy. Some of the programmes followed the Singapore model to create awareness. At the same time there was a quality programme with the National quality award modeled on the lines of Malcome Baldrige award of USA. There are several other subsidiary programme and awards for Kaizen, Quality circles and 5S and all these have made a significant contribution. This model is very useful for promoting quality and productivity in developing countries.