TickIT – Putting Software Development into Higher Gear

Muhammad Midhat Ali

Year:    2002
Category:   Standards
Source:   ICQI 2002 – Pakistan 7th International Convention on Quality Improvement, Karachi
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Author’ Introduction:   

Mr. Muhammad Midhat Ali is the Managing Partner and Consultant at Quality Pakistan – an engineering and management consultancy firm. Mr. Ali has bachelors in mechanical engineering and masters in industrial and systems engineering from U.S.A. His entire working experience is in quality assurance and general management. Mr. Ali has another portfolio as Principal Consultant at Sustainable Development Counsel, which is dedicated for research and training assignments, related to trade and environment. This paper is part of a study, which he has proposed to undertake in association with a local business forum. Mr. Ali is known in quality management circle within the country for his publications, training programmes and consultancy assignments. This will be the fourth time that he is participating as a speaker in this convention.